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Why should you visit Bhutan?

When one looks to travel another country they’ll always shortlist the ones which are very popular amongst the tourists. It is more convenient and travel packages are readily available for such popular destinations. However, sometimes the fun is in exploring not so popular places. Today we bring you best of Bhutan. Located on the eastern edge of Himalayas; Bhutan, also known as a Buddhist Kingdom is home to some great monasteries and breathtaking landscapes.

We’re here to show that sometimes smaller nations may also have a great and rich cultural heritage that needs to be explored for a lot of reasons;

History of Buddhism – You may belong to any religion across the world, but at some point, if you happen to read about Buddhism you will appreciate it and will enjoy knowing more. As it rightly says;

Nothing is permanent, therefore we should all enjoy our positive memories.

A visit to any big monastery will take you back to the Buddhism times. A must visit is the chain of monasteries of Jambey Lhakhang of Bhumthang & Kichu of Paro which are a part of about 108 temples that are said to be built in a single day just to calm an ogress.  

Time Away from Technology – Don’t we all depend on technology for almost every second thing we do in our routine lives? We have forgotten what fun it is to get closer to nature & how liberating it can be to cut off from technology for a short while.

When you’re in Bhutan, you’ll get to drive drown old roads along gorgeous mountains and dense forests with golden Buddhas overlooking the valleys. All of this with no wi-fi at most of the places. You’ll realize that without this distraction you can enjoy this little country and feel at peace most of the times.

Extracurricular Activities of the Country – Bhutan like most other countries have their own favourite activities that the citizens enjoy. Some of the traditional games of the country are still played and as a traveller you can also experience it.

Some of these are; Archery, Khuru (a form of a darts game), Soksom (like javelin throw) & also cricket to a certain extent. If you’re not too much about games you can alternatively go for a wildlife safari at the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park to tick off your point of extracurricular activity.

The Bhutanese Food – The food in Bhutan is a lot influenced by the Chinese, Tibetan & Indians. Popular dishes you can try are; momos (dumplings), juma (sausages) and noodles. Recently a lot of Korean restaurants have also opened and so you’ll have more to explore.

We highlight recommend their butter tea and locally brewed rice wine (popularly called as Ara in the country)

One take away from this article should be not to plan a lot for Bhutan. You may not be able to book anything online beforehand. This country is purely made to be explored without any pre-fixed itinerary.

As far as visa policies are concerned; citizens of India do not need a visa to go to Bhutan basis a “free movement of people” 1949 Treaty between the two countries.

To travel in Bhutan, unless you are a citizen of India, Bangladesh or Maldives you will be required to travel through guided tours. In this case, you can reach out to any Bhutan accredited travel agency that will prepare your trip which include Visas travel tax and all expenses for travellers.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about our points on why you should visit Bhutan.


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