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Why Costa Rica makes for the best destination for explorers!

Costa Rica is a small Central American country where a variety of beaches pan out, magnificent rainforests adds to the glory & the great weather all the year round attracts a lot of travelers. It is paradise for beach lovers who can enjoy a variety of beaches along the coast. Complementing the beaches are rocky points, volcanoes, river mouths, reefs and offshore islands. But that’s not enough.

Here are some reasons why Costa Rica should be on your travel bucket list.

300 different beaches – Costa Rica has close to 300 beaches along its Caribbean & Pacific coastline. This makes up for the best walks throughout the day around the country. All the beaches have something unique to offer & you won’t get enough. Some beaches have palm trees lined up alongside; a few are natural beaches covered with tropical rainforest, volcanic black sand beaches & so many more beaches to explore.

For the love of food – A good food gets people together. And when you’re in a new country you can’t miss the local food. For Costa Rica, the local cuisine is very satisfying. Topping the chart is the yummy Gallo Pinto which is the national dish made by stir fried rice & beans. Quantity is quite generous & you can enjoy a good meal with a freshly brewed coffee.

Breathtaking rainforests – Popularly known as the “jewels of the earth” the tropical rainforests of the country are home to 10,000 species of plants and animals. This number is about two-third of all plants and animals found on planet earth. The best way to explore the rainforests is to visit the national parks. Most national parks offer walking trails in some areas, waterfall climbs & canopy tours. You can do a good research before going to the national park that offers activities you are most willing to take up.

The Wildlife – You won’t find a variety of so many animal species in a small country like Costa Rica anywhere else in the world. While you get to enjoy the wildlife with caiman, capuchins & dolphins, look out for poison dart frogs, crocodiles & colorful toucans that can be dangerous.

Great Weather – It’s warm all the year round with a few rain showers making it the ultimate summer destination. Starting December to about May it’s sunny; after May starts the rainy season. Not many would opt for that, but if you love rains then this time is the best because the crowd is less and the prices are low.

Citizens of USA, Canada, All E.U Citizens, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, almost all South America countries citizens (beside Colombia and Ecuador), Japan, South Korea, Malaysia & many more can travel to Costa Rica without Visa.
Other countries need to follow a process of getting visa for Costa Rica. You can check the visa requirement basis your passport on MyEasyVisa map.

For those who need a visa to visit Costa Rica, There’s good news if they already hold a valid visa for Canada & US!
Valid visa holders for Canada & US do not require a visa for Costa Rica for a maximum stay of 30 days. For US multiple-entry B1, B2 or D visa works.

In case you have a Costa Rican visa, your stay can be extended to 90 days. However, visa must be used within 60 days of the issuance date.

If you require any other information related to visa, please contact us We’ll be glad to help you. You can also check out our interactive map on visa requirements to know more about your passport visa requirements.

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