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Top things about Italy that every traveler must know before visiting!

Italy is a beautiful European country which has made a great mark on the western culture and the cuisine. With a beautiful long Mediterranean coastline what else does this country offer to travelers?
Italy is home to Renaissance’s masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David, city of beautiful canals; Venice & home to one of the biggest fashion capital, Milan. Once in Italy you’ll get lost in the ancient ruins.

Does the traveler in you make you want to go to Italy? If yes, then read about some of the  things that you must know about Italy before you plan to visit.

Rome is the hub to get to any other city – This is not the only way but the best way to get to any other city in Italy. It has the biggest transport center that connects with every other city in Italy.

The Italian Food in Italy is not the Italian Food you’ve ever eaten – If you love Italian food and think that Italy is going to offer you the same delicious spread of amazing food then forget about it. The Italian food in Italy is completely different from what you get in the rest of the world. It’s amazing and out of the world. Along with this the cheese you get in Italy is the most fresh & super delicious cheese you’d have ever had in your life. We promise.

Find the best Gelato in town & don’t get carried away – The Gelatos are amazing & out of the world, but you may not get the best quality Gelatos everywhere. You must keep your reviews & research in place before you go.


Italians love their afternoon sleep – Similar to Siesta, Riposo is a thing in Italy & mostly everyone follows it. After lunch time, which is around 1 to 3-4 PM you won’t find a lot of people on the streets and will find many shops shut. When you visit Italy you should plan your days in a way that you are not out around the time when the rest of Italy is resting. Save up your energy for non – Riposo time.

Restaurant Basics – Mostly when you’re in another country you find difficult to decide on what you should be or shouldn’t be doing or saying. This also happens when you’re at a restaurant and have to tip. It is not rude to pay tip. Like most other countries if your bill says service charge you can walk away without paying tip, or if you’re really happy with te service you can pay out of your choice. But if the bill does not give any service charge then it’d be rude if you leave without paying the tip. Anything upto €5 should be good.

Say Goodbye to Starbucks & Wifi for Good – You will not see any Starbucks in Italy. If you’re lucky you might see one. But mostly, no. The whole idea of walking into a café and sitting in a corner with a book or laptop is non-existent while you’re in Italy. Also be prepared to not find Wifi at all places and even when you find it may not be that good. But that’s the whole point. You can enjoy your coffee and meet new people and have conversations rather than what most of us are used to doing at Starbucks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article about Italy. Hope you have a great time whenever you visit Italy. Do not hesitate to share your experience with other travelers. All you need to do is just add your experience in our comments section. 

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