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Singapore is fun!

Singapore has developed in the last century from a trading post of the British Empire to one of the world's leading global hubs for trade, finance and travel. More people from all over the world now look at finding jobs in Singapore & settling there or simply visit this singular city-state. It is also one of the most convenient places to travel with its MRT system and relatively cheap taxis. 

Here are 6 reasons that are enough for you to want to visit Singapore;

The Great Food influenced from various nations- The food in Singapore is a perfect balance of flavours from China, Malaysia and India. With the growing tourism in the country it has led to other countries entering and making a mark. You'll find the brunch trend picking up in Singapore inspired from the west. It is also home to restaurants from famous personalities like Gordon Ramsay.

Laksa, not to miss when you are in Singapore

Street to Luxury Shopping Options - The shopping scene in Singapore may not be as popular as other countries in Asia; but the style is top notch. You might find the stuff in Singapore to be more expensive but you will be spoilt for choice. The shopping areas have now expanded and give a variety of world's top collections, shopping malls, boutique stores and slowly picking up flea markets.

Growing Fancy Art Galleries – You would not imagine but Singapore is famous for its iconic monuments. The most famous being the Lotus shaped Art Science Museum and Gillman Barracks which is an old army base converted into an arts space.

Open Green Spaces for Site Seeing & Recreation – While the country was developing it made sure to include a lot of parks and greenlands. The country is one of a few known for man-made parks like Botanic Gardens and jungles like those of Pulau Ubin. It doesn’t stop here. There is a lot to explore in this space and you will be introduced to these during any of the city tours.

The nightlife – It has also one of the best nightlife in South East Asia. Singapore basically transforms itself from a huge business hub during the day to a vibrant nightlife city after the sunset. Clarke Quay and its numerous bars, to start your evening with a drink with your friends. Orchard Road and lovely Emerald Hill for couples. Rooftop bars (Recommended rooftop bars are 1-Altitude, CLE LA VI, Level 33, New Asia Bar) for a more “high” end experience. Zouk for clubbing enthusiasts.

Sunset on Clarke Quay

One of its kind; The Singapore Airport - Known to be one of the best in the world; Changi airport gives you all the flavours of Singapore. Most travellers usually make the most of this during their layovers. From duty-free shopping of luxury brands at best prices, to watching movies and swimming on the roof top pool. You can watch the planes take off from here & that's just one of the best. 


Visa for Singapore: Majority of travellers can visit Singapore without having to get a visa in advance.

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