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Popular Visa Myths Busted

Traveling to another country is aspirational for many. For most of us it comes true after a lot of planning or sometimes only if enough funds are available. After all this, if your planning, funding & dates are final don’t think you’re all ready to go. There are still a lot of things that need to be completed for citizens of many nations to travel internationally. One of the major stress for travellers is getting a visa. Today we’ll bust some of the most popular visa related myths. 

Visa becomes invalid after 6 months: This is false. Every visa ever issued has a validity. Your visa availability totally depends on the country you’re visiting. Some countries give you visa for a few years and some give you visa only for the travel time that you really need it for.

There is a limit on the number of visas per year: The limit is only on immigrant visas and not on travel visas. If you wish to travel to multiple countries in a year, you will get a visa for each provided you have all the documents required to get the visa.

A disapproved visa can get approved by a letter from a higher official: This is not true for any nation. Visa application forms and supporting documents go directly to the concerned country’s consulate which does not accept any outside letters or influence.

If you have a refusal in the past it is very unlikely to get a visa in future: The reason why visa applications get rejected differ from one another. It is always due to some criteria that your application does not meet or some documents which are missing or misleading. You will not always be given the reason of refusal, but you can always re-apply. But one refusal does not mean you won’t get a visa in the future.

For those who need a visa to US, multiple country visas in the passport can help: This holds no truth and is widely believed to be true. Like every other country even US has specific criteria and requirements, if you meet those, you will get a visa. If not, you will have issues. But having multiple visas in your passport does not act as a qualifier to get a US visa.

Hope this information was helpful to you. If you’ve ever heard of any visa myths please feel free to share with us in comments.


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