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Paris in Winters - A Complete Bliss

Winter is not a very favorable time for travelers when they plan their holidays. Summers mostly win over winters. When it comes to Paris, then winters are still underrated. The Paris that you see in summers & the Paris you see in winters are two entirely different cities.

Winter time in Paris is not a tourist friendly season which can work in your favor. The city is all yours to explore without crowded streets and crowded areas. Yes some places can be shut during this time, but Paris in winters should definitely be in your list.

It may seem like such a huge deal to visit Paris in winters if you’re afraid of the cold. But if you’re layered well you will have such a wonderful time of your life which you will never forget.

Our top 5s as to why visiting Paris in winters is a must;

No Museum Lines – We told you this time is off tourist season and probably the best time for travelers who like to live like locals rather than just being tourists. Visit the best of best museums & make the most of it. You will not find huge lines to deal with; which usually takes all the fun away from a good holiday.

Cassoulet is best enjoyed in winters – This great French dish can be eaten during non-winter months as well. But it is best enjoyed only in winters. It is the ultimate winter dish to relish. It’s a combination of an aromatic stew, with pork, white beans and vegetables, baked with duck confit and sausage. You simply will never know how good this dish can taste if you don’t have it in winters.

Hot Mulled Wine and more Beverages – It is extremely cold outside and you will not realize unless the cold winds hit your warm face. That’s the time when you’ll crave for something to warm your hearts. Go for the chaud or the hot wine. Don’t like wine? No problem. Go for any warm brown liquor of your choice. Enjoy your wine along with the coziness of small bars.

Save on Air Fare & Spend on Exquisite Experiences – You’re going to save up a lot of money on travel therefore you can go a little over board with other experiences. Enjoy a great meal at one of the Michelin star restaurants, stay in 5-star hotels or spend at vintage French shops. You can do so much with the extra Euros that you’ll save.

Best Season to Shop – All the luxury brands go up on sale for upto 75%! Who would miss that? Winter sale happens usually in mid of January & runs for about 6 weeks from then onwards. Prices are sloshed on all products and a few luxury brands in your closet wouldn’t hurt so much? If there’s a shopaholic in you please find out the sale dates & plan your travel smartly.
Hope you enjoyed this read because we sure want to go back to Paris again during winters!

Paris is a gorgeous dream & you can cover the entire city in about 5 days. It won’t be a hit on your pocket during the winter season.

Most important question; what is the visa policy for Paris?

Citizens of most nations that require a visa for France, need to get a Schengen visa. But you’ll be happy to know that many countries are exempted from this rule.  To get these details please visit our interactive map.

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