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Indian Government raises Visa fee upto 50% for foreign nationals

A lot of Indian citizens are working in foreign countries & mostly in the IT sector. Due to the recent changes in visa policies this group of citizens has been affected in many ways. In the past few months United States revised their visa policy after the new President coming into being. This change is more on lines of ‘Hire America, Buy America’ policy. Following suit were countries like Australia & New Zealand revising their visa policies for individuals who were seeking short-term employment visas.  

India on the other hand has a lesser number of foreigners working in the country compared to Indian citizens working in foreign countries. Therefore, the Indian government decided to modify the levy charges that are collected from foreign individuals who travel to India. As a result the visa fee is increased by up to 50% in all of the categories. The increase will be implied on the nationals of United States, Canada, Israel, Iran, UAE & United Kingdom.

It is also being said that the increase is in complete accordance with what other countries are charging. For example; if a tourist applies for a visa for one year, he will be charged $153 instead of $100 that he paid earlier; if an individual applies for a one-year visa, then they will have to pay $306.

There are also a few exceptions to this policy. A national of United Kingdom who earlier paid $162 for a one year tourist visa, will now pay $248 & for a 5 year long visa, they will have to pay $741 which was earlier $484.

In cases of employment visa, nationals like Canada, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand will have to pay $459 which was $300 for 5 years previously. Nationals of Pakistan will now pay Rs 100 instead of Rs 15.

This article covers the recent developments in the visa fee for nationals visiting India. If you need information on visa requirements then please visit our interactive map that will show you basic visa requirements for travel to India basis your passport. Please write to us for queries related to visa requirements.

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