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How to transfer a visa from one passport to another?

No matter how hard you try to keep important documents or official statements safe, sometimes you do happen to misplace them. And if you’re really having a bad time and lose a document as important as a passport (with a few valid visas in it), you are for sure going to lose your mind. That’s why we picked this topic to open discussions on transferring of a visa.

The process of transferring a visa from one passport to another is not very difficult & is a common activity.  There are many reasons why’d you need to transfer a visa. You might be losing empty pages on your passport; your passport can get stolen or misplaced or you might end up damaging your passport. In cases like these, your visas that were valid can be transferred to a new passport using some methods.

Here are some common scenarios you might face and information on how you can transfer your Visa;

Transfer of E-Visa – this is the easiest of all. Such types of visas are generated electronically and the information is recorded against your passport number. While applying for a new or lost passport you need to just inform the authorities or in some cases you might to submit a letter requesting the same. Letter must also be enclosed with your identity proof. 

Transfer of a regular Visa – this is a very long process and requires submitting of a lot of documents. (Please note, this might change slightly from country to country). Here’s a list of few documents that you need to submit for transferring a visa from one passport to another.

  1. Old passport (if it’s not stolen or lost) & your new passport as well
  2. If your passport was stolen or lost you will have to show a report stating that you had reported the loss of your lost passport
  3. If you changed your name in your new passport you will have to provide proof for that as well
  4. A properly filled application for transfer of visa & clearly mentioned reason
  5. If you visa is label-less then you can simply submit a request and not fill any kind of form
  6. You will be required to pay a processing fee

What if you have your passport but an existing visa on it is damaged? – This is not a very common situation, but can happen. This is also the worst situation to be in because this means you have to reapply for the visa like how you did the first time. Old visa will also get cancelled & won’t be valid.

Every country will have different procedures to this. However most of this will be common to all. Write to us for any visa related information that you might need or visit

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