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How to have an affordable holiday in the United States

United States is one of the most expensive countries to live in and makes for an expensive vacation tourist destination as well. However like every other country United States also has its money saving tricks and reasonable ways to make for a good holiday. US is a magnificent country and surprisingly very easy to travel cheap. All you need to do is decide what matters the most and sped only on that. Whatever you really don’t need can be avoided & cost will automatically cut down. Here are some factors to cut costs without missing out on any great experience.

Reasonable options for accommodation:  Major share of travel money always goes in hotel stays but there are other options as well which are soon picking up. If you can’t find a good hotel in your budget then you should look at Airbnb that gives a lot of options for home stays. You can check for the best ratings, set your budget and search for a desired accommodation. There are not a lot of hostel options in US but if there is no other way and you want to meet more others than you can try one of these hostels (provided you’re in this area) Sweat Peas, Asheville, NC, South Beach Hostel in Miami, International House in San Diego.

Food in US: In a country as diverse as US you’ll find options from street to big restaurants. Try to avoid spending a lot on special cuisine. Go for the local food that is served in US on streets and other restaurants. You must also check reviews on Yelp before deciding where to go and how much to spend on food.

Sightseeing in the country: US is known for its diverse historic culture. Visit to one of the national parks is a must. Highly recommend Yosemite, Grand Canyon & Grand Tetons. You can opt for city tourist cards that take you to multiple attractions at less than $50. A lot of access is free on this card including museums. So if you intend to do a lot of sightseeing then you must apply for one of these cards in advance.

Means to travel in the country: It is advisable to have your own car in the city if you are traveling in a group to larger distances. If you’re travelling alone or just a couple, then these days Uber is available everywhere and makes life really easy. You might even want to walk and explore in most places. It is really not that hard to cut cash & have a great holiday in the US. Just be open to exploring.

Most countries require a valid visa to travel to the United States and the process of getting a visa is not very simple unless obviously you have all of your documents in place and decent funds in your bank account.  Around 38 countries can travel to US for tourism or business for about 90 days without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program or VWP. You can check your visa requirement for travel to US basis your passport on our interactive map.

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