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Best of European Cuisine that you just can’t miss!

Travel to Europe has become a lot easier than before and thanks to social media the EU countries are gaining popularity for a lot of things. Among the buzz on best beach destination, to best party zones, we now also have the best food around Europe.

Travelers who happen to also be food lovers have taken the European cuisine global. This is not just the famous Italian food or French desserts. There is a lot more.

We have gathered some popular dishes from across European countries. Hope you like it & remember it while you visit any of these countries.

GREECE – Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. Greek cookery makes a good use of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine, and meat.

1. Greece brings a lot of nutrition rich delicacies to the table. Owing to a great climate the fruits & vegetables are always fresh in the country. Therefore, the staple dish Fasolada consists of some vegetables and grains.


2. Greece is known for making delicious lamb dishes. Look out for Souvlaki with lamb & see if you can try it in a Gyro style as well. Makes for a very good street food item.  


3.  Known for the place that introduced the world to Feta cheese; how can we miss that? A must try is Feta Me Meli. It is Feta wrapped in filo pastry which is oven baked & honey covered.


PORTUGAL - Portuguese cuisine has many Mediterranean influences & the cuisine is also famous for seafood

1. Bacalhau is a Portugese soup made of potato, shredded kale & chunks of chourico. There are more than 1000 ways to prepare this dish. You must try atleast one type.


2. Seafood lovers will have an amazing time as most restaurants in Portugal have abundant tuna, red mullet & octopus dishes.


3. Round off your Portugese meal with a creamy custard cup or pasteis de nata. This is a simple dessert & we promise you won’t regret it.


NETHERLANDS - The country's cuisine is formed by its location in the fertile North Sea river delta of the European Plain.

1. Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish which is made from a combination of potatoes mashed along with one or several vegetables or even fruits sometimes.



2. When in Netherlands one must feast on pancakes. These are prepared in regular sweet form and in savoury form which is stuffed with cheese and meats. Now how can you miss that?

3. There’s still a lot of Indonesian influence and therefore you’ll find dishes like BamiGoreng on some menus.



BELGIUM - Other than chocolates & waffles Belgium cuisine also offers national dishes like local hamburgers and spaghetti Bolognese which is also famous in the other countries.

1. Think of Belgium & you’ll think of the best waffles in the world topped with fresh cream and juiciest strawberries which you feel is nowhere else to be found. That can be true though.

2. Belgian beer is a must try beverage with any meal and goes very well with any pork or beef based dish.



United Kingdom - Known for a diverse culture and for Michelin starred restaurants United Kingdom is famous for cuisines across the world. Traditional food in UK is mostly based on beef, lamb, pork & then chicken.

1. You must try a full English breakfast which includes fried egg, sausages, pudding, bacon baked beans, hash brown and half a tomato. 



2. Sunday roast; which is a beef based dish is quite popular in the UK & is served with with the Yorkshire pudding.


SPAIN – Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by their regional cuisines. The cuisine is derived from a complex history where most traditions were modified and new ingredients were introduced.

1. Tapas will always be the first thing that’ll come to your mind when you think of Spanish food. It is a sort of an appetizer served cold & hot both ways.


2. Patatas bravas are also quite famous within Spain. These are cubes of potatoes served with mostly spicy tomato sauce. You’ll find variety of options for non – meat eaters as well.



3. If you have a sweet tooth you will love the dessert spreads in Spain & its recommended to try the Spanish cheesecake.



Germany - Germany has over 400+ Michelin starred restaurants & tops charts for hearty food items as well. They’ll serve you loads of good quality bread and meat.

1. If you happen to go to a fancy restaurant in Germany you must try Schweinebraten. It is a kind of a pork roast & is best if you get it boneless. 


2. You’ll also find traditional dishes like sausages & sauerkraut across German restaurants.



3. Not to mention the irresistible Marble Cake & Plum cake. You should get these in mostly any bakery around.



Hope you enjoyed reading our blog, we sure had fun writing this.

These were some of our favourite food items, but as a traveler you should also go beyond what is not explored. We’d be happy to add your suggestions to our list as well.

Mostly you will require a Schengen visa for countries we’ve covered other than UK. You can check our interactive map to understand visa requirements for EU countries basis your passport.

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