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5 Countries which offer citizenship easily!

There are times in our lives where we feel moving to another country simply because we’re bored living in our own country, or in search of better facilities/climate in another country. The reasons will differ for every individual who wants to become a citizen of another country, but the process remains the same; not very difficult for some nations and very easy for a few others. It is not very easy to settle in a foreign country. Most importantly this only helps when one becomes the citizen of the country in question.

On one hand some countries provide dual citizenship & therefore more people are inclined towards this option. On the other hand to obtain citizenship of one country you will be required to lose citizenship of your home country; for example US. 

But there are a lot of factors that are involved in this process. One of this is how willing will be the new country to accept you as a citizen. It also happens in cases when countries that you plan to move to are offering better medical aid, financial independence & infrastructure. Most countries don’t accept new citizens because it can be a liability for them. 

There are a lot of countries providing citizenship. Here are top 5 countries that make it very easy for citizens coming from foreign land to settle down in their own country.

CANADA TOPS OUR LIST – Canada offers a very easy path to obtaining a citizenship. Due to the new President and changes in the US, Canada has become more aggressive of inviting people to migrate to their country. Unless you have a job in Canada, you need proof of other income to obtain residency. Even though the process is not very stressful but immigration process of the Canadian immigration authorities are sometimes very strict & also enforce the individual to reside in the country for sometime before becoming a citizen. Canada also provides dual citizenship.

SINGAPORE IS 2ND IN LINE – Singapore is one of our favorite destinations and also offers a rather simpler plan for getting citizenship. For Singapore citizenship you must have an employment with a company or from your own business. Is also helps if your spouse is a citizen of Singapore. After any of this you will need about 2 years to become a regular citizen in this country. Singapore however does not allow dual citizenship.

PERU IN SOUTH AMERICA IS NEXT IN LINE – Peru will need about 2 years to provide you a citizenship but the process requires minimal effort. You’ll just have to pay upfront or choose to pay in installments. Peru allows dual citizenship but sometimes you will be required to change your name into a more Spanish style & you will be required to take tests in Spanish language.

MOVE TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – It provides one of the best avenues to gain citizenship and the process is also faster. If you’re retiring than you will have to show at least $1,500 per month & if you’re salaried then you need to show about $2000 a month of income. Dual citizenship is provided in the country but again you might have to take examination in Spanish.

BECOMING A CITIZEN OF IRELAND – This is by far the simplest ever. You need to live there for one year without a break & with about four year’s cumulative residency. The best part about Ireland is that if you have a close relative (grandparents for example) then you might just get citizenship based on your ancestors.

The decision of shifting base and identity to a new country is very crucial and you don’t want to take a step that you may not be fine with in the future. We may have not given a detailed technical picture but we have given the right direction so you can make an informed decision.

We at try & give reliable information regarding basic policies for your travel around the world. So be judicial in the decisions that you take.

You can also visit our interactive map to understand your travel to other countries basis your passport. 


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